Something like FeralHosting, but with rclone mounting. I absolutely love FeralHosting. I love their pricing and speeds. I love that they are their own ISP and thusly don't have any upload or download quotas. I'm basically trying to find a server/seedbox host that is practically similar to FeralHost, but with the ability to mount my rclone - Torrent Invites - Get your free Name: Feral Hosting Speed: 100mbps Support: 10/10 GUI: ruTorrent Speed of GUI: Very quick Package: "Speed" (55gb, unmetered BW) Price: ~$15 Overall rating: 7/10 I decided to sign up for my first seedbox at Feral. I initially signed up for the "Power" plan (1gbps line/ 1TB Upload limit) as I didn't know how much bandwidth I could possibly use. How can I find the seedbox IP - Apr 22, 2011

A seedbox is a dedicated, high-speed server for downloading and uploading files. Most people rent seedboxes to achieve very fast torrent or Usenet transfers. Typically, you will see speeds from 100Mbps (8MB/s) to 10Gbps (1250MB/s) on a seedbox. A seedbox also allows you to avoid ISP throttling and bypass eavesdroppers like the RIAA or MPAA.

Feral hosting plans - The Best Seedbox Name *. Email *. Website. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Seedbox Comparison Table - Seedbox Guide: Seedbox Compare hundreds of seedbox hosting plans with the Seedbox Guide comparison tool. Filter and sort by features, space limits and bandwidth limits.

Plex. Plex lets you stream your media anywhere, on any device.. We provide support for running a full instance (as opposed to shared) of Plex Media Server on a slot via a Docker container.

feralhosting-freenas_lftp. Guide to Sync Feral Server Directory with Freenas Jail with Open-vpn with lftp (sftp) Automated LFTP Sync from SeedBox to Home. This tutorial will explain how to use an automated LFTP script that runs when a download is completed by ruTorrent on your seedbox. Pulsed Media Pulsed Media is the marketing name of NuCode for content distribution and BitTorrent Seedbox services. Pulsed Media is a VAT registered company, VAT ID FI22551954 I have to say that I have found your service to be excellent thus far, and superior to your competitor whom I recently left -Dan / UK - Seedbox Hosting - 1Gbps and 10Gbps Seedboxes