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You can use a Site-to-Site (S2S) VPN connection to mount your Azure file shares over SMB from your on-premises network, without opening up port 445. You can set up a Site-to-Site VPN using Azure VPN Gateway , which is an Azure resource offering VPN services, and is deployed in a resource group alongside storage accounts or other Azure resources.

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Jun 09, 2020 · And the VPN working on your device is making use of a different proxy address and port than the one your normal connection will use. So, when you share your connection to another device, for it to work, the device needs to be tunnelling through the IP address and port via which the VPN is channelling the connection. A VPN client makes it easier for users to connect to a virtual private network. That's because it is the actual software that is installed on your computer, phone or tablet. The most common operating systems, such as Android, Windows, and iOS, already come with VPN client software pre-installed.