Sep 14, 2017 · Run the Connectify Hotspot app and select the network adapter connected to your DSL line as the ‘Internet to Share’. You can also share other type of Internet connections with Connectify Hotspot: Wi-Fi, 4G, VPN virtual adapters (to keep all your devices protected), etc. Give your Hotspot a Name (SSID) and Password.

Jun 25, 2020 · Connect the Ethernet cable from your computer to the WAN port of the router (or in any port if you're using an ethernet switch). Step 4. Open Connectify Hotspot and choose Wired Router. Step 5: Make sure your VPN is selected from the ‘Internet to Share’ dropdown. Icons next to each adapter tell you what kind of Internet connection you’re Introduction. Broadband routers are the easiest way for you to build your own network. Using them, you can automatically share your broadband Internet connection among all computers on your Jul 12, 2018 · In Windows 7 or 8, you can go through the steps to create an ad-hoc network or you can use a free tool named Virtual Router to get the job done simply. On a Mac, you’ll use the “Internet Sharing” feature share that wired connection and turn your Mac into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. So long as your Mac has a both an Ethernet and wireless Original title : Internet connection sharing. i am currently using windows 10 on my laptop. My internal wifi card is used to connect the router and getting access to the internet. When I am trying to share this internet via hosted network command, it shows no internet access.

Choose status and make sure the IPv4 connectivity says internet. Repeat for the Ethernet adapter. Test the router’s connection. If you can get to the internet, you are ready. Final Thoughts on Sharing Unlimited 4G Data Through Your Router. And now you have the best methods of sharing your unlimited 4G data plan through your router.

Mar 16, 2017 · However anything connected only through the Vlan on the router does not see the connection as having access to the internet. e. In addition after some period of time (a couple of hours or overnight) the router seems to louse some data and refuses all connections, It will then show an ipconfig while the cell phone will show no use a hotspot as the internet source to the router I want to use an Android phone hotspot as the internet connection TO the router, and then will connect via ethernet cable, a weather station. The weather station needs to be hard wired to a router, thus it cannot go directly to the hotspot.

Top comment " Flawless fast internet even when all devices are connected at one time (e.g. Netflix streaming, xbox gaming, laptop, iPads, Nest Thermostats, and iPhones).I did a speed test 3x all throughout the day just to get an average number on Comcast modem the results where in the middle of the night of course I got the best results but with the new modem I was getting my best numbers

Aug 03, 2019 · Note: Up to 8 devices can connect to the internet using the shared hotspot the normal way as they would access the internet through a Wi-Fi network. Setting Up the Windows Internet Connection Sharing Feature. Internet connection sharing is another windows feature that enables you to share your PC’s internet connections with other devices. Jun 16, 2020 · Step 3. Check your devices connect to the router via RJ45 Cable could access internet successfully or not. A. If couldn’t, please refer to Step 4 to do the troubleshooting. B. If connect to the router via cable could access internet, but when devices connect to the router wirelessly couldn’t access internet, please refer to Step 5 . Step 4.