But devcon disable *USB\VID_0BC7* gives: C:\Work>devcon disable *USB\VID_0BC7* USB\VID_0BC7&PID_0006\5&20 93BC86&0&2 : Disable failed No devices disabled. UAC is off. Disabling/Enabling this device in device manager works. I need to get the disable working. An alternate way (without devcon) to disable a USB device by command line will also be

DEVCON Command Line Utility Alternative to Device Manager. DEVCON is a Microsoft tool that allows "device management" from the command line. It is available for free as part of the Windows Driver Kit (a.k.a. WDK). Unfortunately, it is no longer available as a separate download from Microsoft's websites. Devcon DEVCON CONSTRUCTION INC. 690 Gibraltar Drive. Milpitas, CA 95035 devcon.exe failed in windows 10

devcon.exe disable "@" In your case: devcon.exe disable "@ACPI\SYN1ECA\4&22077A96&0" If this also doesn't work you should use the remove command. remove works almost always, but the device will be back after you restart the system. devcon.exe remove "@"

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Windows Aygıt Konsolu (devcon.exe) nasıl edinilir Devcon.exe yi edinmenin en kolay yöntemi. Burada anlatılan Yöntem %100 yasal olup Windows Driver Kit i indirip kurmadan son sürüm devcon.exe yi edinmemizi sağlayacaktır , eğer eski sürüm devcon.exe arasanız (Windows Xp ve Server 2003 için) bunu edinmeniz kolaydır çünkü zaten ayrı bir araç olarak sunulmuştu Burada