The Professional Insurance Agents of Florida promote the prosperity, growth and perpetuation of our members as professionals in the Florida insurance industry.

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For additional information about the Department’s use of Google Analytics, please see our privacy impact assessment, DHS/ALL/PIA-033 Google Analytics (June 9, 2011). Third-Party Websites and Applications. The Department uses social media websites and other kinds of third-party websites.

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PIA of ND 827 28th Street South Suite C2 Fargo, ND 58103 office: 701-936-6766 fax: 701-936-6768 Pensions and Insurance Authority Stand No. 4618 Lubwa Road, Rhodes Park P/Bag 30x Ridgeway Lusaka, ZAMBIA. Phone: +260 211 251401/05 Email: As a PIA, the Doolittle. Institute provides expertise and experience that is often difficult for a federal laboratory to attract and recruit. Its Technology Transfer team has brings experience as entrepreneurs, engineers, business managers and leaders. Website: DEFENSEWERX Automatic Determinations. PIA formula bend points. Wage-indexed amounts. PIA definition The "primary insurance amount" (PIA) is the benefit (before rounding down to next lower whole dollar) a person would receive if he/she elects to begin receiving retirement benefits at his/her normal retirement age. PIA believes that access to an open internet is a fundamental human right and donates effusively to causes such as EFF and FFTF to promote privacy causes internationally. PIA has over 3,200 servers in 24 countries that provide reliable, encrypted VPN tunnel gateways for whatever the use case.